Founder of Lynk Portugal

Hello and welcome to Lynk Portugal.


My Husband Andrew Bryant, a Global Executive Leadership Coach, and I have bought the house of our dreams in Portugal, even though Andrew has never set foot in Portugal.


Having successfully researched and navigated the peculiarities of Portugal, I've set up a company, Lynk Portugal, to help others to find their dream home in Portugal.


We have achieved this by selecting trusted and experienced professionals to make our investing and relocating process a smooth one.

Why Portugal, you might ask?


Portugal is well known as one the best countries to live in Europe. Friendly people and many speak English, delicious food, low cost of living, historical cities, international schools and great weather, and of course, the lowest taxes in Europe.


If you are interested, my team and I can guide you, as follows:

-Our Immigration Lawyers will work with you on the best options for visas for you & your family. This is the proven path to a European Passport.

- Our real estate specialist will help you find the ideal home

- We will get you a personal bank account manager

- You can choose to get a mortgage and we will connect you directly with the financial institution

- You will have an option to rent your property until you decide to relocate to Portugal and we will connect with a property manager

- We will vet through all your paperwork


At Lynk Portugal, we offer not only assistance but fast, reliable direct contact with real people.